3. Evaluate

3. Evaluate the Process & the Progress 

The time, energy, and emotions attached to ultra-endurance sports makes them very intensive pursuits. For many endurance folks, putting in the work is never usually the problem. Days turn into weeks; weeks turn into months. But how much time is spent actually evaluating the time spent training?

Every single training session is a learning opportunity. By implementing a periodic checking-in with yourself, it can prevent a bad week from turning into a bad month. This also has the potential to assist you in moving forward. In turn, you’re not allowing those bad days to affect you in such a way that those closest to you become miserable. This can be done through journaling, feedback from friends/coaches, or simply nailing a specific workout. Not only might it provide some much-needed perspective, but also create room for any necessary adjustments. Don’t underestimate the power of those adjustments either. If anything, documenting your progress might bring it back to the all-important question: What’s it all for?


What makes sport great is that anybody, at any level,

can have that feeling of self-proficiency,

of moving towards perfection within their capabilities

I just put myself on my own chart of experience.

Is this the best that I could do today?

Is this better than I did last week?

Last year?

– Mark Allen


Mark Allen, the six-time winner of the Kona Ironman World Championships was self-coached and without the technological luxuries of the 21st century. Yes, that means he didn’t have Strava. Instead, he had to be very attuned to every single workout. Through that process, he was able to gauge his progress in relation to his goal. This allowed him to continually sharpen his physiological muscles and his psychological muscles as well.


These three principles – Estimate, Emulate, & Evaluate – don’t guarantee success, but, if implemented consistently, they can make the journey more satisfying. The journey is a long one, one that does not end at a finish line.

Might as well enjoy it right?


Author: tylerwilliambaxley


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