About Me

A Little Bit About Me

I was raised in Visalia, California – nestled between the Sequoias and the Pacific ocean, while also equidistant between San Francisco and Los Angeles. I was an active kid raised in an active environment. The activities always changed with the seasons, but a constant that remained was staying involved in my family’s dairy farm. The combination of those two environments fundamentally shaped my values, along with providing innumerable learning experiences.


It was during my undergraduate years when I discovered running. Over time, I have come to appreciate the numerous benefits that such an absorbing sport provides: improved mood, clarity, endorphins, stress release, and a sense of accomplishment. It wasn’t until I was working on a cherry farm in New Zealand that I knew I wanted to further pursue this passion for health, sport, and the mind-body connection. Upon arrival back home, I enrolled in a couple undergraduate Sport Psychology courses and found myself back at Fresno State. Under the tutelage of a few inspiring professors – Dr. Wade Gilbert, Dr. Jenelle Gilbert, & Mr. Tim Hamel – I was able to merge my sport psychology education with my passion for endurance. Ultimately, that morphed into “The Endurance Mindset”. It’s been a great ride thus far.


  • M.A. Sport Psychology, CSU Fresno
  • 10X Ultra-Marathon Finisher
  • 7X Marathon Finisher
  • Contributed Ultrarunning Magazine: (Link Here)
  • Facilitated Workshop to High Performance Skiers in Sun Valley, Idaho
  • B.A. History, CSU Fresno