The Endurance Mindset?

This website is the result of a graduate school project. Ultimately, it is a combination of my passion for endurance sports with my background in Sport Psychology along with my curiosity into high performance. In the Summer of 2017, I set out to understand the mindset amongst some of the world’s best in ultra-endurace sports. I will be using this site to share what has been learned.

What are Ultra-Endurance Sports?

Sports that extend beyond six hours in duration. Sports included in this are: ultra-marathon running, open-water swimming, paddling, stand-up paddle boarding, kite-skiing, and triathlon. It is worth noting that formidable factors such as inclement weather, remote geography, and harsh territory are an integral part of these sports.

What does elite mean?

Individuals who have repeatedly attained remarkable feats of endurance. Essentially, as a performance grows longer in duration, they get better. No, they are not robots. They too have to confront doubt, navigate uncertainty, and manage self-talk. Many were self-coached and all have followed a unique path, and it’s safe to say that is not the path of least resistance. In situations where many simply survive, these individuals thrive and they do so time and time again.

Why Mindset? 

Physiology, exercise, and nutrition are not without merit; however, I believe the landscape of performance psychology is of equal importance. Some of the themes covered were mental preparation, goal setting, self-talk, grit, resilience, embrace, resourcefulness, flow state, coping strategies, humility, success, and happiness beyond sport. By examining how these “intangibles” are interwoven into specific moments and unique experiences, there are lessons that can benefit a variety of performance contexts.


What I’ve learned is that we have barely scratched the surface on human capability. We are all more able to go a little further, dig a little deeper, and be a little better than we allow ourselves.  It is my hope to share with you what they shared with me so that, you too, can better optimize your path forward, and enjoy the journey along the way. After all, it’s a long haul, right?